Halloween, balloons, and fairs and things.

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Its been a while since iv returned to this blog, so to bring you all up to date here is a small piece on what has been going on in our world of fancy dress and balloons. Since the beginning of summer we have been doing stalls at the fake festivals, schools, and charity fairs. Even though we do not make a lot of money at these fairs it does get our presence out there with the family’s. Halloween is coming our way very quickly and we already have had our first delivery for us its like having a new shop. Summer has brought lots of balloon orders for weddings engagements, birthday party’s etc our photo balloons are also a big hit you can see an example on our face book page just like and share and have a scroll round i will leave it there and will see you again soon.

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World book day , Angels and Fun moments.

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World book day has now passed and yes we were very busy we just wished that some of the schools would follow the guide lines which are dressing up as a character in the book they are reading and then reading a chapter in class . Although some schools do this others dont for instance one school told there children they had to dress as a post man if this was out of a book id understand but according to the mothers it wasn’t.
After watching the BAFTA’S. We were very pleased and proud to see Angels costumers collect a Bafta for there 175 years of working with the entertainment industry. As a customer of Angels and Rasta  Imposta it makes us all feel that all the hard work we do in supplying costumes to the retail market is worth while not that any of the other costume suppliers match the quality  of Angels costumes they do stand out from the rest giving every one a yard stick to reach out for so from all of us at Bananas fancy dress thank you. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03jbz19

Every now and then we are made to laugh because of something a member of the public and lately a lady came in to the shop and said she had been told by her husband that her hair was thinning and that he would give her the money for a wig quite upset with him she came into our shop bought a neon pink wig put it on in the changing room and left the shop with it on she went up the street and into a local pub to meet her unsuspecting husband for lunch oh to be a fly on the wall.

Our Balloon bouquets are doing exceedingly well so much so that we have had to move them to a bigger wall in the shop to expand the range which pleases Qualitex however we don’t like to have a contract with one company so that we can if needed bring in other new items from other companies.

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A good start to the new year.

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January is normally a quiet month in the fancy dress trade, but as we moved into helium balloons we have been kept  busy, and new customers who came looking for balloons also found that we have a good range of men, ladies, and children’s costumes, and also hen party goods and of course all the accessories like hats, wigs, etc.

On the 6th February 2016 we are off to the spring fair at the NEC in Birmingham to see all the new costumes coming on to the market putting orders in for Halloween, Christmas and World book day. We are hoping that the weather holds as in the past its taken us 8 hours for a normal 3 hour trip because of snow. keep safe till next time Bananas fancy dress.


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Well that time is drawing near. People with ideas of what frightening, disturbing, and shocking costumes with incredible make up,that will scare the life out of others on that fateful night we call HALLOWEEN have been coming and ordering there costumes for months now. Here at Bananas fancy dress we have just about finished our decorating of the shop and its looking pretty good. Day of the dead costumes are popular with the make up or mask, the Executioner costume with a double sided axe, and of course zombies are the rage with some incredible make up including collodium and latex and of course blood. What ever your doing don’t leave it till the last minute or you could end up with a black bin bag.

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With Halloween in mind

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As Halloween comes closer people are coming to our shop in Whitley bay for ideas and to buy there costumes. We at bananas are about to decorate our shop and dress our windows for Halloween, mixing cobwebs, spiders, and props like our life size talking moving witch. On another note our staff have just completed another balloon course learning to print names etc, on to balloons and fabric we just need the machine in the shop before we advertise.

Keep well till next time from all the staff at Bananas fancy dress.

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Halloween is fast approaching and its not really on anyone’s mind with people being on holiday, but before you no it its here so we were wondering what people were thinking of doing this year and what ideas for costumes.

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Balloons, thoughts, and fun things.

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Hope every ones enjoying this mini heat wave, and can get some time in the garden to relax. Here at Bananas fancy dress our new adventure into the world of balloons is going wild, we are now going into the licensed balloons, like frozen and spider man air walkers.
We are always looking for new ways to make our customers smile, or to make them go wow. Even though they say that they love the shop, we work here and find the shine dulls when you work here every day. Our changing rooms are quite plain basically white, so we have decided to make them into a wow place to see. We are thinking some thing like a story board, starting from one end with a tree and at the end of each branch a different subject like fairy’s and maybe super heroes and minions Alice in wonderland and dinosaurs if you get the idea. On another note this week we have had some of the theatre people in the shop, being there normal happy, funny selves. This time they started to try our horror masks on which as you can see on the pictures look a bit frightening, then one of the girls decided to put a boiler suit on with the mask and stand in our window, so when people came by she would jump out at the window lots of laughs were had and they went home smiling honestly.IMG_1529IMG_1544IMG_1541IMG_1551

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Spring Fair 2015

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Every February at the N.E.C.  Birmingham, they hold the Fancy dress / party and balloon fair, which covers about 25 warehouses, where wholesalers show all the new products coming on to the market. The management and staff here at Bananas fancy dress are very keen to attend, not just for the hotel stay, but it allows us to see and feel the quality of these new products. This year was no exception and here are a few photos to give you a taste of what we see. IMG_1385 IMG_1386

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Balloon Bouquets

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As i mentioned in my last post we have ventured into balloons! So i thought i would share some of the balloon bouquets our staff are trained to make,So the photos below are photos we have recently made for customers who have left rather impressed.

IMG_3697IMG_3698 (1) photo (80) photo (81) photo 1 (18) photo 2 (21)

If this peaks your interest why not check out some of the other balloon bouquets we have to offers
Some of the other balloon bouquets

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Balloon Bouquets and Fancy Dress

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Its been an interesting few months for our store in Whitley bay, after having a quiet time with all the road works in front of our shop, the council decided to stop any parking or deliveries out front and as we cannot get deliveries at the back we were in a bit of a dilema. After a lot of negotiations they have decided to put a loading bay  further up the street, with camera cars and traffic wardens hovering, the delivery drivers had to do a lot of manoeuvring.

On a more exciting note we have expanded into the world of Balloon Bouquets and im pleased to say its been a great success. Orders for weddings, christenings, birthdays and hen parties.

We had the lovely people from Qualatex come and train our staff which was very interesting and a lot of fun, at the same time there team built an excellent wall display which really enhances the store.IMG_3037 (1)

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